Biographies (4)
Tadey Gorchynski
Born 1937, Ukraine

When we arrived, I was forced to sign a document that I was exiled to Siberia ‘for good’. Escape risked the result of 20 years of hard labor! Every day we were obligated to check in commendant’s office. And armed guards escorted us to the market to buy essential things for living.

Ivan Gumenyak
Born 1929, Ukraine

At first, my family fell under the brutal hand of the Gestapo. After the war, the communists continued to torture us.

Olena Karpyuk
Born 1931, Ukraine

They said I could stay at home because of my disability but I cried out: “No! I will go with my family”.

Olga Seniva
Born 1936, Ukraine

I was surprised that right in front of my eyes, soldiers wanted to shoot my father. I was only eight back then.